Real Insights Driving Pharma Business. 

What We Do

Brabeuo is a boutique analytical consultancy based in Boston with deep experience in the Pharma industry.

Through our process of integrating old and new data, applying sophisticated analytics with Pharma industry expertise, we help you remove the emotion and guesswork from decision-making.

How We Do It

Valuable Assets

Utilize secondary data this is another change

Leverage your historical sales and marketing data as a starting point.

Make it Relevant

Create new primary data

Survey only the healthcare providers from your secondary data set.

Data Integration

Combine and analyze

Integrate the new primary and existing  secondary data to analyze with state-of-the-art algorithms.

Data Beats Emotion

Take action

Use results to create data-driven, targeted healthcare provider lists for your sales and marketing efforts.

Do you want to get better answers out of your data?

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